Meghan Krause

Finally ready to have enjoy it all?


If you’re Age 35—55 and ready to live on your terms, you’re in the right place.


Welcome to your

Midlife is more than an age bracket.

it’s a recognized period of adaptation and growth.

like adolescence…but without braces and first slow dances.

Unlike adolescence, we’re often left to navigate this adjustment period (“the puberty of adulthood”) without resources. Few are having the “what’s happening to your body” talk…but we need to be talking.

The feeling of transition isn’t just a part of our collective cultural imagination. The “40s funk” is real (see Happiness U-curve). But it’s not a crisis. It isn’t fate. And it doesn’t require shelves of self-help books.


7 Proven Steps
to Crisis-Proof Your Midlife

Get research-backed lessons to help you enjoy more satisfaction in early midlife, no matter what you face.

Struggling in the “puberty of adulthood”?

  • Frustrated about change…both the kind that’s happening (collagen) and the kind that isn’t (career)?

  • Fearing you have more to look back on than forward to?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by responsibility (kids, parents, money…oh my!)?


You might wonder, “Is this all there is?” Nope. There’s a way forward (and it’s exciting).

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I’m Your Yeasayer.

In response to your “Is this all there is?” ennui, I offer coaching, tools, resources, and heaps of professional positivity to help you create a more satisfying life.

I’m the “You can totally do this!” to coax out your “Wow! I really can do this.”

I like to think I've got this practice down myself. I'm an unabashedly positive yeasayer, but my path here wasn't straight, perfect, or pretty. That's just for Instagram.


Want to hear what my clients are saying?

Clients just like you work with me to (re)connect with what creates joy, establish a more helpful headspace, build career satisfaction, and develop enriching relationships…all to live what you value most, on your terms.


Being distressed is unnecessary.

See a growing disconnect between your 30-something self-image and 40-something reality?
No longer want to live the afternoon of life carrying the morning’s dirt?
Need a guide to help map your now-to-next landscape?




Read fresh and funny perspectives on “puberty of adulthood” capades to help you triumph over challenges…or at least feel less alone.



The Podcast

Listen to The Bullshift—parts coaching manual, meditation, and memoir—to explore our outwardly comfortable but often unsatisfactory early midlives.