Want to hear what my clients are saying?

These kind words come from clients who’ve used coaching with me to gain self-acceptance, (re)connect with what brings them joy, establish a more positive headspace, find career satisfaction, feel physically and mentally stronger, and create peace with challenging relationships.

Working with Meghan has been transformative to my wellbeing. Each resource she provides is perfectly tailored to my needs, and gives me tools I can use over and over again as I move forward. Creating a clear, values-based vision for my chapter of life feels empowering and hopeful, and has activated me in the way other programs haven’t. It’s clear to me that Meghan looks at people as a collection of strengths and skills, and as a result, each session lifted me up—no matter how many roadblocks I perceived to be in my way...Meghan never did any of my thinking for me, but rather, she helped me think up new solutions I would have never uncovered on my own.
— K.W., 40
Meghan is a passionate, intuitive, and gifted coach who knows exactly how to connect with her clients. The work Meghan and I have done together has increased my self awareness, and given me courage and confidence in an unexpected way...I leave our weekly sessions feeling feel empowered and energized. Meghan has a unique way of bringing out the best in me. Her whole-person approach has challenged me to go beyond my usual thought processes to allow for positivity and creativity in my everyday experiences.
— H.N., 40
I recommend coaching with Meghan because it’s an empowering process that has the potential to bring considerable positive energy and action into your life. During the time we’ve been working together, I’ve improved my mindfulness by creating a meditation practice, made significant headway meeting my own professional development goals, and created a more positive mindset through writing and coaching exercises that help me reframe stressful events or interactions...She’s also helped me identify what brings me joy and focus on bringing these elements into my life more intentionally.
— J.P., 35
Working with Meghan helped me at a time when I was overwhelmed with all the things that take over our daily lives. She helped me to find focus again and get to the root of what was important to me, all while reminding me that carving out time for myself makes everything seem possible. I will continue to use the many tools she gave me as life gets busy to maintain balance to be my best self. I’m grateful to have made the time to work with Meghan, she has been a thoughtful and caring guide on my well-being journey.
— Y.G., 44