What’s a HeyDay?

It’s a VIP intensive.

Just you and me—1:1—working together to create the life you’re meant to live.

In this 8-hour session, we’ll use design thinking and coaching to create a more desirable future for your life. Sometimes this is all you need.

We’ll explore areas where you feel stuck and/or where you wish to create, whether it’s your relationship with your body, your significant other, your family, or your career.

  • We can spend the whole time coming up with your new business…and a graceful transition out of your current job.

  • We can discuss your legacy project—the work you want to be known for, your permanent mark on the planet—and how to make it happen.

  • We can explore your relationships: how you’re showing up and what you want in them.

  • Or something else entirely.

This is a big, transformative experience. One client described her HeyDay as, “the most useful day of my entire career.”

Together we’ll:    

Define what matters most to you
Design a compelling plan
Change your thoughts to create new results

You’ll leave with:

A plan that makes you come alive
An accountability system to live your intentions and goals
Actionable tools to support your thoughts, emotions, energy, and habits

The best part? You just get to show up. In your jammies if you want. Everything is taken care of and you’ll be in a beautiful, nourishing, and intimate space.

*This can also be formatted into a workshop for a group. Please note whether you’re interested in hosting a HeyDay Group Workshop.


What’s possible for your HeyDay?

Self-sabotaging gets kicked to the curb
New creative projects get dreamed up
A multiple-six/seven-figure business model gets mapped out

And. So. Much. More.

This is no ordinary day.
It’s time to have your HeyDay.