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What I'm Known for...

As the would-be love child of Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Paul Farmer, and Earth Wind & Fire, I'm equal parts entrepreneurial businesswoman and wellbeing advocate—with a side of funk—who co-creates better ways to live. I use my legendary party-starting enthusiasm for the likes of General Mills, Seventh Generation, and the Boston Red Sox.

Mainstreamed greening in pro sports

First sustainable water partnership and first green Super Bowl event

Launched first loyalty program for natural products industry

Popularized Blue Zones among youth

Promotion and curricula for National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner

Created first online marketplace for wellbeing experiences

Gave eyewitness account to climate change

Polar expedition with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Will Steger

Drove nationally recognized Wellbeing Initiative

Achieved 86% engagement at 16 months



Let's Co-Create Better Ways to Live

no idea will win without the right playbook and game plan

I integrate design thinking, behavior design, the science of wellbeing, and marketing communications to help you win.


Workshops + Engagements

When wellbeing startups and established brands need a quick, focused way to identify new opportunities, add value, or solve problems, I offer creative problem solving. When you need a better understanding of wellbeing trends, I offer insights to inform future business decisions that produce growth.


Trainings + Programs

I consult with organizations to build cultures of wellbeing. I help you design and deliver integrated, multi-modal, and evidence-based solutions that positively enhance organizational performance—resulting in less stress, higher resilience, deeper connections, more creativity, and greater wellbeing.




You know how some people can light up a room just by walking into it? Meghan is one of those people. She’s the first to introduce herself and then introduce you to someone you’ll find interesting. As a result, she makes a great business partner.
— Robert, Engagement + Marketing Executive
Meghan brings a great deal of energy and knowledge to her work. She is a strategic thinker that knows how to build and utilize current, relevant research to develop and design meaningful programs and offerings. She delivers high quality work and is great to work with!
— Dave, Leadership Consultant
Meghan is a conceptual thinker who excels in making connections that move a project forward. Present her with a challenge and she will quickly identify people, ideas, and/or opportunities that can solve the problem...A person with her combination of intellect, work ethic, enthusiasm, and wry wit is truly rare.
— Deb, UX Expert
Meghan’s innate knack for networking and unbridled passion for her work make her a force to be reckoned with. Always enthusiastic and ever curious about others, Meghan makes a powerful first impression. Now add to that her talent, knowledge and experience, and introductions become relationships, and relationships become business assets.
— Laurie, Sales Executive
Meghan Krause knows how to get people to work together for the good of all. She does not take the glory, but passes it around, creating an atmosphere of trust, and instills a belief that the message is more important than the messenger. If she needs to, she steps up and leads out ‘in front,’ but what she excels at is identifying the leadership qualities in others and placing those leaders in a position to succeed, so there is a multiplying effect. It is quite remarkable to watch and even more remarkable to be a part of.
— Neal, Leadership Director


Recent Work

For more than 12 years, I've built wellbeing solutions. Career clients include: Seventh Generation, General Mills, Pentair, Annie's Homegrown, Ecover, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Portland Trailblazers, Blue Zones, and Mayors of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

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