Helping People Live Better Anywhere

Product Invention + Strategy | Multi-stage Research | In-Market Concept Validation


What if you could create a marketplace for people to discover, reserve, and offer wellbeing experiences throughout the world?


Wellbeing entrepreneur



Helping People Live Better Anywhere
I worked with a wellbeing entrepreneur to design a new venture that creates, delivers, and captures the full value of wellbeing experiences hosted by 750K holistic health practitioners outside of traditional clubs, studios, and offices—whether an in-home cooking class, meditation in a nearby park, or a destination yoga retreat. The concept would match consumers with practitioner-hosted “better for you” group experiences—searchable by need, interest, geography, price, and availability—to make better living more accessible, personalized, and engaging, while offering social support.



  • Interviewed a spectrum of holistic health practitioners and wellbeing enthusiasts to gauge market interest and viability

  • Confirmed business development needs for holistic health practitioners and desire for new experiences from wellbeing enthusiasts
  • Developed a business plan and digital platform for our minimum viable product
  • Secured early interest from angel investor
  • Implemented real-world testing and determined "no go" status (due to scalability issues and then-perceived potential risk of what is now Airbnb Experiences)


A wellbeing entrepreneur tasked me to help her think about the business development needs of 750K holistic health practitioners differently. In response, I developed a concept, conducted all research, created a business plan and minimum viable product, secured early investor interest, and conducted an in-market concept test.