Building a Culture of Wellbeing

Persona Development | Product Strategy | In-Market Concept Validation | Communications Strategy + Materials Development


What if you could deliver a more integrated approach to student wellbeing that includes coursework, co-curricular activities, and small, manageable action items that fit busy student schedules?


Institution within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system



Building a Culture of Wellbeing
I worked closely with the management of a higher education institution to integrate wellbeing into the organization as a value-based retention tool, and help to transform the culture by empowering new attitudes and behaviors, and developing new products and services. My focus was to develop a more integrated approach to supporting student wellbeing that capitalizes on curricular, co-curricular, and infrastructure opportunities.



  • Created a culture and organization that is better able to support wellbeing, and fostering greater student engagement and campus synergy
  • Co-created product and service experiences rooted in meeting deepest student needs
  • Devised an enterprise framework to improve wellbeing capacity and transform the culture
  • Designed a communications architecture, rhythm and suite of tools to reach the entire campus


In the rapidly changing landscape of the higher education industry, this institution asked me to help them retain and attract students by co-creating student-centric wellbeing products and services, and to prepare their campus to understand, digest, support, and embody the positive shift.