Reimagining How to Improve the Lives of All

Persona Development | Product Strategy | Repositioning | Brand Identity Development | Key Message Development | Communications Strategy + Materials Development


What if you could show population health leaders the positive community impact they could deliver in a way that made them understand, desire, and commit to the software solution?


Nationally leading tech firm



Reimagining How to Improve the Lives of All
I worked with a nationally leading tech firm to strengthen its brand and attract population health leaders faced with a rapidly growing series of community challenges.



  • Repositioned the firm, refreshed its brand identity, and launched a new online experience
  • Reimagined and revised web-based product experience to achieve all-time highs in prospect and customer engagement
  • Designed a communications architecture, rhythm, and suite of tools to reach audiences more effectively


With health care reform in full effect, I was asked to help a leading tech firm develop a unique positioning within population health, and to help create more value through new and/or refined products and experiences that customers would demand in the future.