Sorry, You're Effed: The Autoimmunite's Survival Guide


Table of Contents

Autoimmune Disease Names: A Starter List

How to Not Try at All and Still Feel Aches All Over Your Body

Fun Meals for One for When Your Friends are Celebrating an Important Life Event So Could You Please Stay Home

Fun Meals for One for Literally Every Day of Your Life

Fatigue: The Art of Embracing Your Zone of Genius

Hair Loss and Skin Rash: Your Go-To Accessories for Any Occasion

Your Own Family Didn’t Provide Gluten-Free Food at Thanksgiving So They Can at Least Give You This One Thing: Harboring an Effective Guilt Trip

How to Explain to Your Peers That You’re a Totally Normal, Fun-Loving Adult Even Though… [You Got Distracted and Forgot What You Were Going to Say]

Dietary Observations to Make at Dinner Parties Where You’re the Only Autoimmunite, Just Before Sitting Down to Eat

Epilogue: You Must Love Yourself No Matter What to Heal But Also You’re Unable to Go on a Road Trip Without Plotting Out All Restroom Contingency Plans So There’s That!