Presenting the Would-be Love Child of Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Paul Farmer, and Earth, Wind & Fire


Everywhere I look, I discover ways to add more life to our world. The would-be love child of Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Paul Farmer, and Earth, Wind & Fire, I’m equal parts wellbeing entrepreneur and population health advocate…with a side of funk. My mission is to help women in midlife feel good with more ease and fun.

For years, I've had people chat me up about what to do and where to go to support their fitness, mental health, relationships, professional goals, and more. With an ENFP/Type 7 personality, you can imagine my canine-like enthusiasm for serving this role. I created this blog to be more intentional about helping people explore living well and embrace challenges as growth opportunities.

I come to this work honestly. Sure, I'm professionally trained.* But my own wellbeing journey has been the greatest teacher. Short version: Rocked childhood. Adulthood was a punishing routine: wake up…look and feel like crap...make educated changes…get nowhere. Rinse and repeat. Until autoimmunity produced a breakthrough (see full story here).

I’ve always dreamed big and deeply cared about people, with a knack for forming new connections and ideas in the vast, complex puzzle of life. For 10+ years, I’ve applied these qualities as a marketer, strategist, and educator in the health, wellness, and sustainable lifestyles industry. As part of my career, I've...

  • Researched (I read scientific studies the way most read fiction books), observed, and experimented with what it means to flourish (pro tip: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and health);

  • Identified the social, physical, genetic, behavioral, and care-related factors that influence our ability to thrive and applied science-based practices for groups of people (shout out to fellow MPHers and CHESers);

  • Helped children explore regions of the world where people live the longest, healthiest lives and take charge of their own health through school curriculum (via Blue Zones);

  • Launched companies in better living, including environmental sustainability in pro sports (e.g., the first-ever rain water reuse system in MLB), a mobile rewards program for better-for-you consumer packaged goods, and responsibly sourced seafood (check out Alaska Select Seafood);

  • Overseen a college's enterprise-wide wellbeing initiative that included developing/managing programs in wellness coaching, resilience training, mindfulness, and much more;

  • Learned how to listen to my body and explore my bio-individuality (nod to integrative healing therapies and my graduate studies with the acclaimed Center for Spirituality and Healing) while recognizing the healing process is anything but linear; and

  • Become a compassionate advocate for others who are struggling (after embracing self-compassion, of course).

I'm here as both a guide and a friend. I want to hear your know how I can help offer an honest account of what I'm living and learning...and to learn and grow together. Thank you for visiting Well + Swell. I'm delighted we're connected...and I'm ecstatic about helping you live well in a more expansive approach to life!

*Street cred: Master of Public Health in Community Health Promotion and Integrative Healing Therapies (MPH); Master of Art in Communications (MA); Certified Health Coach (CHC); Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES); additional nerdery through continuing education seminars and courses in the science of a meaningful life and innovation.